Acer Case Study

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ACER, INC 1. Stan Shih’s abilities as a leader during the start -up phase: Values: * Shih gave importance to the values more than the profit maximization of the company itself. As brought out in the article “Moments of greatness” Shih was more focused on others (wellness of the employees, customers) and less self focused. Reliance &Motivation: * Shih always had confidence in the employees and trusted them completely, which is one of the traits of a leader. He gave the decision-making responsibility to the employees in order for them to act in the best interests of the firm. This way the employees were motivated and developed a passion to be committed for the organization as expressed by Daniel Goleman. Decentralized Authority: * Shih did not believe in exercising control and had a decentralized authority, which enhanced the entrepreneurial spirit of the employees. Due to this quality as a leader Shih was able to deliver better business results. Continuous Education: * One of the main leadership qualities proposed by Pagonis in “Leadership in Combat Zone “ is to educate and clarify to the employees the organizational vision and objectives in order to ensure a smooth running organization. Shih was constantly committed to this so they could “think and learn”. Openness: * Shih chose to run the business in a transparent manner. This helped to make sure managers realized their responsibility without being questioned. Flexibity to make decision: * Shih had the social skill to effectively persuade the employees and build relationships as cited by Goleman. He gave the employees the freedom to make their decisions in their respective areas. Direct Communication: * As cited by “Abraham Zaleznik” a leader who can communicate through messages rather than signals states/gives a clear picture of the

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