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Accused In Appalachia Essay

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  • on November 14, 2011
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Accused in Appalachia

On November 18, 1993 Merry Pease pounded on a neighbor's door just after 4 p.m., blood dripping from her abdomen. She was hysterical. She had been shot in the abdomen. Merry Pease had just run from her trailer to a neighbor's house for help who was an off duty police officer. She said her husband, Dennis, tried to kill her. Merry had told her neighbor and police that Dennis shot her when she questioned him about why the car wouldn't start.   When police arrived they discovered a different story. Dennis Pease was lying dead on the floor with two gunshot wounds to the chest, which to police didn't look like suicide. Investigators David Mullins and Prosecutor Tim McAfee concluded that Merry Pease murdered her husband and then shot herself as a cover-up. Merry Pease was arrested. For the next decade she would be in and out of jail trying to prove her innocence. She was indicted three times, convicted twice and out on bond at several points throughout this long ordeal. She finally was put in prison. She still claims she is innocent.
From watching the video I believe that justice was served. Merry Pease had two jury’s find her guilty. I find it very hard to believe that a man can shoot himself in the chest twice without fatally wounding himself with the first shot. It’s a tossup with me as to whether she is innocent or guilty. I feel justice was served because if she beat the system at least she did some time behind bars. If she was truly innocent she at least gets a second chance at life because I have seen a lot of cases where innocent people who were falsely accused spend majority of their lives behind bars and DNA testing shows their innocence. Only God knows what really happened on November 18, 1993.

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