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corrections 1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all early civilizations? a. Written communication b. Agricultural surplus c. Some economic specialization d. Water resources 2. All of the following were features of the civilizations in Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River Valley EXCEPT a. A degree of craft specialization b. Development of irrigation systems c. Construction of architectural monuments d. Religious systems that included sacrifice rituals 3. In which of these societies were merchants and traders placed in a lower social class than farmers and artisans? a. Byzantium b. Han China c. Rome d. Gupta…show more content…
Indo-European societies were ruled by oligarchies, while the other societies were governed by monarchies c. Indo-European tribes did not develop a common religion on which to base social bonds d. Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern societies formed permanent settlements with wealth based on land 8. Which of the following is NOT an accurate statement about Confucianism? a. The ethical system is primarily concerned with relationships b. Specific duties are tied to one’s status in society c. It prescribes the correct organization of the state to achieve the maximum benefits for the most members of society d. Only those who are devout and lead moral lives will be saved 9. In comparing the Han Dynasty with the Roman Empire, which of the following statements is NOT CORRECT? a. Both the Han Dynasty’s and the Roman Empire’s economies suffered as a result of military spending b. While both Rome was successful at spreading its culture across a wide area,, the Han were unable to diffuse their culture to neighboring lands c. While both societies were run by centralized governments, Rome gave significant autonomy to local…show more content…
Deities punish sinful people 16. China’s classical period gave rise to all of the following intellectual traditions EXCEPT: a. Buddhism b. Daoism c. Legalism d. Confucianism 17. Both the Qin and Han dynasties were characterized by a. The formation of popular political parties b. Increasing trade with all major regions of the world c. A dislike of the arts and sciences d. A powerful centralized government 18. A “dynasty” in Chinese history was a. Any emperor who lasted more than two decades b. A family that passed the imperial title from generation to generation c. Powerful bureaucrats who ran the state d. Big business families who monopolized trade 19. Merchants in China were considered low prestige according to Confucian ideals because: a. They were not important to Chinese society b. Money making was not an honorable occupation and did not parallel Confucian ideals c. They were immoral d. They were a small percentage of Chinese population 20. Which of the following was a Confucian belief? a. Change is the goal of a sensible government b. Artists are valued for their skills and public works for the

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