Accurate Current Sensing In High Voltage Motor Dri Essay

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Application of DSTATCOM compensators for mitigation of power quality disturbances in low voltage grid with distributed generation Irena Wasiak, Rozmyslaw Mienski, Ryszard Pawelek, Piotr Gburczyk Institute of Electrical Power Engeering Technical University of Lodz Lodz, Poland Abstract — The paper presents capabilities of DSTATCOM systems used to improve power quality (PQ) in low voltage (LV) grids with distributed energy resources (DERs). For the case study a typical rural network has been selected in which, on one hand DER installing is the most probable and on the other hand, integration process may cause the biggest problems. Selected single-phase DERs of varying power are connected into the network which introduce PQ disturbances such as voltage variations, harmonics and asymmetry. To mitigate deviations in power quality DSTATCOM compensator operating in current control mode has been applied. Models of the network together with the selected DERs and compensator system have been developed in the PSCAD/EMTDC environment. Simulation has been performed for the analysis of the network performance and the assessment of compensation effectiveness. The possibility of using the DSTATCOM operating in voltage control mode for reducing voltage dips coming from the supplying network has also been studied. Control circuits have been designed for these two modes of operation. Description of the study network, their element models and some selected results of simulation are presented in the paper. Keywords: distributed generation, DSTATCOM, power quality, simulation liberalization of the electricity market, development in DG technology, constrains in the extension of electrical transmission networks, consumer demand for increasing the reliability of supply and environmental protection concern. These favorable conditions should assure the growth of

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