Accuracy vs Precision

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Accuracy vs Precision By Charlia K Rice Accuracy and precision go hand in hand when it comes to making sure that things are done properly in the science field. Accuracy measures the closeness of the amount to the amounts actual value. Precision is the ability to repeat something without changing anything and getting the same results. When measuring something it can be accurate and not be precise, and precise but not accurate, neither one of them, or it can be both of them. If something contains precision and accuracy then that makes it the perfect experiment. Society depends on the need for accuracy and precision to survive and maintain a stable environment. When planting crops there has to be a certain amount of precision and accuracy whenever it comes to making sure that they are properly. Also when filtering bottles of water there can only be a certain amount of chemicals used to purify the water and make sure that it is correct for human consumption. My personal favorite is accuracy that is put into gasoline and its production, because if it is not mixed with exact precision and accuracy it can destroy the motor inside of your care not to mention other things as well. The scientific method is how to validate the correct or incorrect uses of certain experiments or ideas to see, if possible, will certain ideas can be used properly. There are five methods to the scientific method includes observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, and conclusion. Observation is the research to investigate others and how their results concluded. Hypothesis is making an educated guess for the result of the experiment. Prediction allows you to make the educated guess of what you thing the results will be based on your observations. Experimenting helps you change different variables to see which one gives the best results allowing for better use.
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