Accuracy of the Film Brave Heart

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How historically accurate is the film brave heart? Brave heart is a film set during the Scottish wars of independence. It stars the Australian actor Mel Gibson as William Wallace. In this essay I will discuss how accurate this film is, by analysing a particular event show in the film the battle of sterling bridge, I will discuss the people, the clothing and armour, weapons the battle fields and the tactics. I will compare with genuine historical facts. In my opinion brave heart doesn’t make much sense it’s meant to be about the battle of sterling bridge but there is no bridge! There was no Andrew Murray The weapon was completely wrong for Scotland there were not many swords as only very rich men had them, the spears are nowhere near the right height they are meant to be three times the height men, also they would not have had wooden poles they would of used spears in the film Scottish had weapons such as daggers and pitch forks that also didn’t happen. The clothing was wrong as the Scottish didn’t wear tartan because it wasn’t invented! In the film the Scottish people were rather scruffy and wore a kilt and tartan shirts with leather belts and the English army were very smartly dressed in chainmail, metal plate armour (that also wasn’t invented) and hard metal hats. in the real war both sides wore relatively the same thing a hard hat that looked rather like a bucket with the front taken of, leather or animal skin boots, they also wore chainmail vests under ‘JACKS’ that were cloth shirts stuffed with sheep wool to stop impact from weapons, The film also had the scots faces were painted with a saltire which didn’t happen in the real war. They also wouldn’t have flashed to the

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