Accupunture Essay

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Acupuncture in Sports Medicine P.E. Health & Fitness Sports related injuries in the U.S. are becoming more and more prevalent across all age groups. Baby Boomers (aged 35-54) with sports-related ER injuries increased by 33% from 1991 - 1998, but this rise, according to studies done by American Sports Data, Inc., paralleled increases in activity participation. From 1987 - 2001, health club membership among people aged 35-54 increased by 135%. There has been a phenomenal growth of sports-related injuries with people over 55. From 1987 - 2001, health club membership skyrocketed by 266% clearly depicting a vast change in lifestyle and cultural values for older Americans. This trend is not limited to health clubs but extends to home/outdoors fitness, and also includes active recreational and outdoors sports. From 1990 - 1996, there has been an increase of 54% in all sports injuries among people 65+ years of age (Atkmuri). Because of this, all athletes, coaches and trainers are constantly looking for ways to achieve peak performance, speed recovery from injuries and prevent injuries from occurring. Many professional, competitive and recreational athletes have discovered the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. By incorporating acupuncture into their training regimen, athletes can train harder, recover more quickly from tough workouts and increase overall sports performance (Cheung). Athletes use acupuncture to promote more rapid healing of acute injuries and to fully recover from nagging injuries that cause pain, loss of range of motion and impede performance. With acupuncture acute conditions such as sprains, strains and stiffness can be resolved much more quickly than without treatment, which allows athletes to get back to their sport much sooner. Acupuncture can help

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