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Acculturation - Immigrants - Shafia Murder Case (Canada) Essay

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  • on December 1, 2014
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Canada is a very multicultural country that is rich in diversity, with cities such as Toronto and Montreal even serving as immigrant hot spots upon immigration. However, families who arrive new to Canada can bring with themselves the flavours of their previous native lands in the form of cultural practices, experiences, religion, morale or values. As years go by, these immigrants can either settle into their new surroundings by successfully merging their previous culture with their new Canadian culture; or, they may remain fully intact in their previous culture while adapting or merging at a much slower rate to the new Canadian culture. A major problem with the latter of the two may be that those children who immigrate with their parents, and hold foreign born status, may struggle to conserve the previous culture with the same ease and rate that the parents might – this can lead to parent-child conflicts as explained by Tardif-Williams and Fisher (2009) within the issue of acculturation.

Immigrant families who migrate with children and youth are at a higher risk for parent-child conflicts (2009) in comparison to immigrant families whose children are born in Canada, or whom have spent many years in Canada already (2009). The following paper will investigate ways in which culture and acculturation can influence the mental health of children and youth, looking into an example where foreign born children and foreign born parents both struggle side by side in an issue of acculturation. This issue will be critically analyzed using the socio cultural approach, psychoanalytical theory, family systems theory and behavioural and cognitive-behavioural approaches. The goal will be to identify the specific processes which may be involved in the development and maintenance of the child and youth concerned in this case example and to suggest whether this concern is culturally university or culturally relative. To conclude, a culturally sensitive treatment or...

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