Acct 555 Week #5 Homework

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ACCT 555 External Auditing Chapter 12, pages 390–397: Problems 12-17, 12-18, and 12-27 Chapter 13, pages 429–430: Problems 13-22, 13-23, and 13-24 Chapter 12, pages 390–397: Problems 12-17, 12-18, and 12-27 12-17 a. (2) technologies reduce some types of risks while introducing new types of risks to be managed. b. (1) Controls that determine whether a vendor number matches the pre-approved vendors in the vendor master file. c. (3) expand testing of automated application controls used to reduce control risk to cover greater portions of the fiscal year under audit. d. (3) The sales system automatically computes the total sale amount and posts the total to the sales journal master file. 12-18 a. (1) A system that performs relatively uncomplicated processes and produces detailed output. b. (3) completeness of sales transactions. c. (3) completeness of input. d. (3) procedures contained within the program. 12-27 Here are a few recommendations for change that I would suggest to improve Hardwood Lumber Company’s information systems function: Limited access to the important and sensitive information and clean up the structure of the organization and clearly define the chart of organization. The vice president of information systems should report daily to senior management – not to or under the authority of user personnel. This will ensure that the information systems are not subordinate to a user which could improperly allocate information systems resources to other user projects. The vice president of information systems should have better access to the executive management team as well as the board of directors. The operations team should not be allowed or have any responsibility for maintaining the operating software security features. The cameras record and tape all the time with the video monitors being examined all the time and

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