Acct 504 Case Study

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[pic] MILESTONE 3 – MODELING SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Activity 1 – Use-Case Glossary T he following use cases and their descriptions and actors can be determined from the interview. Some students may identify other use cases based on standard maintenance functions. These are not incorrect, but have been left out of the glossary for the sake of simplicity. We have chosen to focus only on the use cases that will be most used. A few notes on the use cases included in the glossary: • An abstract use case called Login was added because all other use cases require a login. • View Employee Profile was added as an abstract use case to handle the drill down option from Perform Employee Detail Lookup and perform Employee Group Lookup. |Use-Case Glossary | |Use-Case Name |Use-Case Description |Participating | | | |Actors and Roles | |Search Employee Directory |This use case describes the event of searching the employee |Employee | | |directory. | | |Login |This is an abstract use case, which describes the login process. | | |Update Employee Profile |This use case describes the even of updating the employee profile |Employee | | |information. |

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