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The RCMAT FQM-117A is a very valuable training tool. The gunner should know that the scale or size of the FQM-117A represents the size and speed of threat aircraft. 1/4 1 /6 1/16 1/60 Maximum firing angle of the Stinger weapon is-- 63°. 64°. 65°. 60°. The first step in a Stinger engagement sequence is visual detection of the target. This may be done by-- the gunner only. the crew chief only. either member of the crew. platoon sergeant. When the target is visually detected, the Stinger gunner points the launcher toward the target and sights _________ the sight assembly. under over around through The IFF on the Stinger weapon can be used __________ weapon activation. before or after during only after only before You are a Stinger gunner in a foxhole. A hostile air craft approaches and commits a hostile act. You may fire the Stinger only from the kneeling position the foxhole the prone position the standing position Which container provides environmental protection for one weapon-round and three BCUs during shipping and storage? weapon-round shipping and storage container interrogator container wooden shipping and storage container missile-round shipping and storage container Responsibility for the engagement decisions rests with the-- platoon leader. crew chief. platoon sergeant. section chief. Stinger will provide which of the following units with their own capability to destroy hostile aircraft? combat support units only support units only combat units only combat/combat support units Aircraft have been placed in two categories for the engagement purpose of Stinger. They are- jets, nonfighter-type only, and all other types of aircraft. jets, fighter-type only, and all other types of propeller-driven aircraft. all jet aircraft, regardless of size or mission, and all other types

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