Accounting Software Essay

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When looking at accounting software, four primary types exist. These types are entry-level, small to medium business, small to medium enterprise, and enterprise resource planning. Entry-level software is made for very small businesses, generally “those with revenues of less than $5 million with up to 20 employees” (Johnston, 2011, p. 1). Two types of accounting software that could be used for entry-level businesses would be Peachtree Complete Accounting and QuickBooks Pro. A small store with six employees would most likely use an entry-level type of software because it is a small business. Software for small to medium businesses is generally designed for companies that are a bit larger with profits up to $100 million, and small to medium enterprise designed software is for companies that bring in up to $500 million (Johnston, 2011). QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Peachtree Special Edition of MAS 90 would be two different software programs that would be appropriate for small to medium business. A company with around 100 employees would most likely use this type of software. For small to medium enterprise, AccountMate or NetSuite could be used; however, these two types could also be used for small to medium business organizations as well. If a company employs around 400 people, it most likely uses a small to medium enterprise software. Enterprise resource planning software is used for extremely large companies with over $500 million in revenue. An enterprise resource planning organization would benefit from using software like J. D. Edwards ERP or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. A company like Wal-Mart would probably use this type of software. A large nonprofit group like the World Wildlife Federation would most likely use ERP software as well. It is important to choose correctly the kind of software most appropriate for the business. References Johnston, R.

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