Accounting Paper Cycle

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Accounting Cycle Paper Ruth Kawai ACC/421 January 12, 2015 Mr Art Trujillo I currently work for a company as a payroll processor for a non-profit organization; we are a very small company over 70 staff, but we take care of 200 clients with intellectual and developmental disability. Our headquarters is located in San Leandro, California. We have a complete accounting department that works as a team. Our team consists of Sr. Accountant, accounts payables and account receivables. In our accounting department our Chief financial Officer (CFO) is vacant position as of right now; we were using one of our board members as our Controller, as he has experience with our finances, he is older gentleman and he was set in his ways so sometimes our Sr. accountant and him would butt heads, because he wanted the financial reports done his way, even if the accountant would say it’s not correct way of doing accounting, still she had to do it his way. Our controller lasted for about one year until he passed away December 31, 2014 from heart attack, he was 80 years old. Since I am not in accounting department, but I do know their day to day processes or procedures since we are in one office, so we have daily interaction. Sr. Accountant makes sure that she gets attendance report once a month from all the managers and enters into account system, this is how we get paid from the State, and due to clients with disabilities gets pay from Social Security. We also get income from our contracted enclaves, which are where we put in a bid in for working to cleanup a park in San Leandro areas or for different city in Alameda County that our clients can work outside in the community managers, anybody that is going to work overtime would have to get pre-approved from our Executive Director. Financial Transactions is the start of our accounting processes include the sale or return of a
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