Accounting Information Systems Requirements Essay

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ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1 Accounting Information System Requirements Michelle Monk XACC/210C April 16, 2014 Laurie Hensiek ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 2 Accounting Information System Requirements Requirements for Accounting Information Systems include: * Analysis * Input devices * System Design * Documentation * Testing * Training * Data Conversion * Launch * Tools * Support ANALYSIS Interviewing the people involved with using the system, gather the necessary information to understand the system, such as reports and transactions as well as questions that may need to be answered. INPUT DEVICES Input devices are the equipment used to enter data into the information system, for example keyboard, computer mice and scanners. SYSTEM DESIGN 3 A new system is created by reviewing the analysis; the system is designed with control files, sample records and performance tests. It also includes internal controls and provides the necessary information to make decisions. DOCUMENTATION Every step is documentated, which includes vendor documents and instructions for the users, to help with the process. The documentation is online so the organization can help provide additional help to the software vendor. Documentation is basically an insurance policy, used when the testing and training is conducted so that there are no questions during the launch. TESTING AND TRAINING Before the information system can go live it is tested, to make sure it runs properly and efficiently. This determines if the system

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