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2. Overview of the existing system Marcia’s is a locally owned business with four branches and a head office in Kogarah. The head office owns a sophisticated stock management system called “StockItWell”, and the branches provide a full range of IT infrastructure support services to their clients with one manager and 2-6 support staffs independently. However, the internal administrative systems of the business itself is supported by almost completely manual processing (supplemented by a series of EXCEL spreadsheets), which is commended by Marcia as antiquated, and inefficient. Following is the overview DFD’s and ER diagrams [pic] [pic] 3. The problems or opportunities of the system 3.1 The problem of taking and record of customers requesting In Marcia’s system, the customers’ requests are taken through phone calls and then record all the details in a spreadsheet by the office assistant. It takes great time to answer the phones and make records. And because of the limitation of the manpower, it is easy to lose some customers. In addition, because all these work is completed by one person manually, it is quite easy to make mistakes. The placing of the spreadsheet physically in a tray labeled “outstanding jobs” is a potential problem as well. When the support staffs pick up tasks they want, or return those they can not handle, it is very easy to lose some of these spreadsheets or make them out of order. 3.2 The problem of picking up the “outstanding job” In Marcia’s system, the support staffs must pick up those they are confident to handle from the “outstanding jobs”. Considering the record system of these requests the description and category of the jobs are simple. There is a possibility that the support staff actually can not handle the request they pick up due to the lack of information. In addition, the tasks should be chosen according the urgency.

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