Accounting Ethic Paper

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Ethics paper 1) List several lessons about ethics from this article. a. If we have conditioned ourselves to blink at the small decision opportunities at the beginning of one`s careers, the new will precondition ourselves to also blink at the more important decision opportunities. It is important to make consistent and proper ethical decisions during a career. b. Never delay informing superiors of bad news, so that we can protect our integrity with peers. c. To making the correct ethical decision by using Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. d. The good guys can win. Even if we lose a battle, we can have an influence in the outcome of the war, if enough employees will stand up for what we know in their hearts is right. e. Long-term success in capturing and maintaining market share and profitability is rooted in quality products being produced by a workforce based on teamwork and information flow. f. If people do not use the information from the Challenger case to redefine how organizations should function, then the consequences are obvious: the practice of malicious obedience, business as usual, short term profit focus, lower quality product, etc. that will continue to erode American industry needlessly into a secondary position in the world marketplace. 2) Which of the lessons listed above are relevant to someone entering the accounting profession? The lesson a, b, d, e, f can be relevant to people entering the accounting profession. 3) Experiences from your internship with ethical overtones. Please use them in your case. During summer break of 2010, I have had an internship in a clothing company in Asia. The company was a family business and was built in three floors. My father knew the boss well, so I was introduced by my father to the boss to have internship in this firm. The first floor was used
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