Accounting Career Essay

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Statement of Career cCoice When I was in high school, the first thing idea come to my mind when I heard about accounting is how to manage and arrange our income and expenses. As African Americans, we don’t understand money and how it work, that why it’s so hard for African Americans to save money. I want to learn how the economy works so I can educate the African American community about the value of money; so I decided to major in accounting. That is just one of the reasons why I choose to major in accounting, I also chose to major in accounting because I like doing mathematic things and I am expert in mathematics subject. After I heard about how successful my father’s friend who is financial advisor for a large company, my interest in accounting started to skyrocket. The first reason is accounting is different from the other social science. In my opinion a lot of social science tend to have qualitative theory and generally can be learn alone without taking a specialized course, for example like reading book or we already have a gift because we are social creature so we naturally already have learnt social science even though we learn it just through our experiences not from theory books. Like person who expert in communications and speeches, we can say practically that this person has a communication knowledge even though he or she does not know about the communication theories or take communication major in university. On the other hand, accounting is different from the other social science, when we learn accounting theoretically and practically, we need specialize method that can be learn through deep understanding and specialize course. Second, A myth in the field of accounting is that if you major in accounting you would have to be an accountant; but actually someone who takes accounting can flexibly choose another type of job such
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