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Tyesha Archie 8/8/2015 Ethical Behavior XACC/291 In the business world Unethical practice and behavior has been around for years. Different business/companies follow unethical practice and behavior in different was just depending what type of business it is. As for accounting, you have misappropriation of assets civil and civil and criminal penalties and many more that can lead a reputation and lost of employees. When you are a business owner you have to show loyalty if you want loyalty. In Accounting Unethical behavior can be done and not known at the time. When Unethical is in accounting is when a business like to make rules they own and/or make some false actions on their financial statements. “A business may intentionally list higher assets but hide debt or other liabilities, perhaps to qualify for a loan or to sell a business.” Another example is billing a clients or the government agency for more than they are supposed to. Sarbanes-Oxley Act better known as SOX has been describe as the federal legislation concerning corporate governance since the securities exchange act of 1934. Sox fight to make financial reporting more transparent and to restore investor confidence in the United States financial markets. It has help different business along the years. I honestly think SOX has helped many businesses/companies from a lot of fraud and still is helping. Here is an article from the university library that help me understand SOX better and how they has help the United States overcome unethical behavior in accounting. Business owners may attend to use

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