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这些是会计学的基础文献,是所有其他文献的参考文献~~~ 经典文献(The 100 articles with the highest citation index-until 1996) 参考:Lawrence D. Brown, 1996, “Influential Accounting Articles, Individuals, Ph. D Granting Institutions and Faculties; A Citational Analysis”, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol.21, NO.7/8, P726-728 0. Watts R.L., Zimmerman J., 1978, “Towards a Positive Theory of the Determination of Accounting Standards”, The Accounting Review, pp. 112-134 1. Healy P.M, 1985, “The Effect of Bonus Schemes on Accounting Decisions”, Journal of Accounting and Economics, April, 85-107 2. Hopwood A. G., “Towards an Organizational Perspective for the Study of Accounting and Information Systems”, Accounting, Organizations and Society (No. 1, 1978) pp. 3-14 3. Collins, D. W., Kothari, S. P., 1989, “An Analysis of Intertemporal and Cross-Sectional Determinants of Earnings Response Coefficients”, journal of Accounting & Economics, pp. 143-181 4. EastonP.D, Zmijewski M.E, 1989, “Cross-Sectional Variation in the Stock Market Response to Accounting Earnings Announcements”, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 117-141 5. Beaver, W. H., 1968, “The Information Content of Annual Earnings Announcements”, journal of Accounting Research, pp. 67-92 6. Holthausen R.W., Leftwich R.W., 1983, “The Economic Consequences of Accounting Choice: Implications of Costly Contracting and Monitoring”, journal of Accounting & Economics, August, pp77-117 7. Patell J.M, 1976, “Corporate Forecasts of Earnings Per Share and Stock Price Behavior: Empirical Tests. Journal of Accounting Research, Autumn, 246-276 8. Brown L.D., Griffin P.A., Hagerman R.L., Zmijewski M.E, 1987, “An Evaluation of Alternative Proxies for the Market’s Assessment of Unexpected Earnings”, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 61-87 9. Ou J.A., Penman S.H., 1989, “Financial Statement Analysis and the

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