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DEBTORS LEDGER EMPLOYMENT REPORT Reliability, perseverance and professionalism, these three words clearly answer the question as to why, I should be recruited. These qualities alongside attention to detail make me the perfect addition to your company. Most of the outline as to responsibilities in your preformats, underline an essential attention to detail, ability to analyse a wealth of information whilst accurately deciphering means as per task. This is coupled with the ability to verbally and non-verbally communicate in correspondence with second and third parties. As a candidate, I incorporate all the above aspects, they are demonstrated in my widely acquired educational standing, which encompasses: Foundation degree WKC-LSBU -Book-keeping level 1&2 -university of lower(Tetove-Maqedoni) part study to go into legal proffesion 2of4years -University of economy-business(education from Tirana-Albania) IT Skills -Microsoft office(Word,Excel and Powepoint) -Clait -Sage level 1,2 &3. -Payroll Naturally, individuality is a key aspect too. This flips both sides of a person’s weaknesses and strengths. On the upside of the issue, I have learnt during my academic years, resiliency, time management and the ability to effectively multi task. Enabling me to proportionate my time dutifully to all given tasks to maximum efficacy, also I have become a good active listener who is able to constructively give feedback regarding a situation or persons’ circumstance. On the downside of things, I have not gained enough working experience within the accounting sector, which will probably place me on a lower rung to other candidates. However this has not dampened or extinguished my ardour to move forwards in this very field and deepen my working knowledge of accountancy. It is for this reason, that even if I am selected to join your team, I shall persist in

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