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Nike is one of the most highly recognized companies in the world. Nike is most famous for their shoes but they have also committed themselves to the apparel market as well. Currently Nike is the largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic apparel in the world which includes over 200 countries and around 18,000 stores. They have businesses all over the world, anywhere from America, to Europe and Asia. The company has experienced vigorous growth over the years, having identified itself as a leading youth icon. As I analyze Nike, Inc. there are many sections to their annual report. Part one basically is a quick overview of the company’s business and includes risk factors as well as legal proceedings. Part two covers financial highlights, management discussions and analysis, financial statements, management reports on internal controls, audit report, and notes to financial statements. In the financial highlights section is shows stock performance and performance graphs. In the management discussions and analysis section it covers results of operations and ability to fund operations and expansions. The financial statements section covers income statement, cash flow, balance sheets, stock holder’s equity, and accompany notes. The audit report covers the financial statements and accompanying notes. The managements report on internal controls reflects management responsibility of financial reporting and accuracy of the financial statements. Part three basically covers corporate governance, compensation, stockholder matters, and fees and services. Part four contains supplemental financial information and this is also where the management certifies the financial statements. Overall the past ten years Nike has seen tremendous growth and has more than doubled their revenue. During the past year Nike focused on strengthening their innovation. Nikes driving growth

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