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Introduction Why Learn Bookkeeping ? Why would you want to learn bookkeeping and keep up to date financial records anyway ? Can't you hire an accountant to come after the end of the year and get your check book and shoe box and do your taxes ? Sure you can ! And yes you will have adequately fulfilled your taxpayer obligations. But in order to run a business and know what, where, and when to take corrective actions requires business information. How do you get and where do you find this information ? You don't if you don't keep accurate and current records about your business financial activities (bookkeeping). Users of Financial Information Who needs financial information about a business besides the owner(s) ? Users can be grouped into two broad categories namely internal users and external users. Internal users are the managers and the owners and employees who actually work for the business. External users include lenders and other creditors (suppliers), investors, customers, and governmental regulatory and taxing agencies. Why do they need financial information ? Users need this information to make knowledgeable decisions. Lenders and other creditors want to make sure that they will be paid back for the credit that they have extended to a business. Even lenders that offer alternatives to small business loans like credit card factoring, more commonly known as business cash advances, will need this information because they will base their funding decisions on your credit card receivables history. By analyzing financial information, they at least have something to base their lending or credit decision on. The days of the "friendly" banker are gone. You need to provide them with financial information as a basis for their loan decisions. A "good ole boy" handshake won't cut it now. Similarly, customers want to make sure that the business they're

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