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MBA6110 Marketing and Brand Management u05a1 Professional Challenge – Promotional Activities Analysis HUMMER PUBLIC RELATIONS Terri S. Lewis-Chambers 711 Oakleaf Drive Dayton, Ohio, 45417 (937) 580-4629 PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES INTRODUCTION This paper deals with one of the most important areas of any manufacturer’s plan for profit and success: developing effective communication with its target market. How does a company attract the potential buyers? How does Hummer attract repeat buyers? Where will Hummer find and communicate its message to their target market? This paper will identify the profile of a Hummer owner as well as a plan to effectively communicate its product to the Hummer audience. IDENTIFICATION OF THE TARGET AUDIENCE Earlier in this project, the Hummer was identifiably most popular with affluent men, ages 18 - 34. This was the age group who were most frequently searching and shopping for Hummers on-line according to Alexa, a web information company that tracks the demographics of web surfers. The problem with this original analysis is that, after talking to Jenell Ross of Bob Ross Motors, she explained that the identified age group could not afford to actually “buy” Hummers. While this age group is excited about the Hummer SUVs and may aspire to one day own a Hummer, they are not at a financial point in life to be identified as the target market. After a quick search through the dealerships database and inside information obtained from GM Headquarters, the target market for Hummers was always middle aged men (45 – 55) looking for outdoor, off-road excitement in a vehicle. This SUV was designed and priced to cater to a professional audience that had money to purchase expensive toys with little concern about gas mileage and environmental issues. THE DESIGN OF THE COMMUNICATIONS

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