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I would like to become an Accountant for a number of reasons.uyjh First of all, I love Math and I have always enjoyed Math classes in High School and got high grades in it. As I was so confident in Math, I made up my mind to acquire a profession related to using my analytical skills and working with numbers. Secondly, both of my parents used to be Accountants and I would often see my parents calculating something and sharing with each other Accounting experience. My life style and knowledge gave me confidence that I could also become an Accountant, as I was supposed to inherit some basic mathematical and accounting skills from my parents. That was the reason for my applying to the Economics Faculty of the Azerbaijan State University. I successfully accomplished my dream and my parents’ desire to see me as a skilled professional. After graduating from the University I started working at the Accounting Company where I acquired the right skills to become a Chief Accountant, responsible for Retail Bookkeeping. I felt very happy to have a demanding job, which I loved. It meant that luckily I made a right choice. At present, having this chance to live and study in Canada, I would like to use all my previously hard earned skills and put them into work for the better working opportunity. I can learn peculiarities of the local Canadian Accounting practice alongside with using my home city experience and applying it in the new environment. That sounds and feels

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