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| | |Australia’s Current Account Deficit | Australia’s Current Account Deficit Abstract The essay focuses on the Australia’s current account deficit.I will give a brief introduction to the current economic health of Australia.Then I will give a glance to the history for the Australia’s current account deficit and start a deep analysis on why it happens, whether it is a problem, what the government is doing and what we can do to relieve the situation. Brief instruction 2.1 Brief instruction to the essay I prefer to give a biref instruction to my essay to make the main thread stand out and the structure clear.There are five main section in this essay:the abstract,the brief instruction,the body(concerned on the analysis of current account deficit),the recommendation and of course the reference.And the body is the important part of the essay.There will be six sbu-sections in it:the present economic health of Australia,some knowledge concerning balance of payment,the history about the Australia’s current account deficit,the reasons about the deficit,whether it is a problem and what the government does and its effectiveness. 2.2 The contents: Abstract-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Brief instruction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Brief instruction to the essay---------------------------------------------------2.1 The contents------------------------------------------------------------------------2.2

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