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ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REVIEW PHASE 1 – SETTING OF SMART OBJECTIVES 1. PLEASE COMPLETE SMART OBJECTIVES AND TARGETS FOR THE COMING 2008 PERFORMANCE PERIOD (4 Objectives) (A Qatarization related objective is compulsory for all Section Heads and above). S: Specific, M: Measurable, A: Agreed, R: Realistic, T: Time-bound. Please refer to the HRC page on the Intranet for assistance in writing SMART Objectives. MEASURABLE OUTPUT / TARGET (This is seen as a measure of progress towards achieving the desired SMART Objective. Ask yourself the following: “How do I know that I achieved the SMART objective?”. Use as many outputs / targets as necessary under each SMART Objective. SMART Objective 1. Provide administrative assistance and support towards developing OH service delivery plan for Fitness to Work and establishing work systems and procedures in compliance with MSH objectives. - - MEASURABLE OUTPUT / TARGET Work towards and provide assistance in setting up workflows and procedures for the timely delivery of pre-employment medical screening, sickness absence management by September 2008. Maintain and ensure files and records are as per QMS document policies and in compliance with quality auditing. Maintain appointment and record keeping for all MRC cases and ensure appropriate medical documents are available for reviewing. SMART Objective 2. Provide administrative assistance and support in delivering effective practice management as per practice management guidelines and standard practices. MEASURABLE OUTPUT / TARGET 1. Ensure all medical files at Doha locations are safely maintained and accessed ensuring record confidentiality by December 2008. 2. Ensure all the new medical records are filed as per QP Document Control Policy. 3. Ensure employee personal files are updated and in safe custody. SMART Objective 4. Pursue individual career development plans and

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