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Wor-Wic Community College Academic and Career Plan Name: Ryan Brinkley Instructor: Dr. Feagans Advisor: Mr. Richard Webster Major: Associate of Applied Science Degree of Radiologic Technology Date: May 17, 2012 Directions: Answer the questions honestly and think about them critically. Even if you may be uncertain about your major, for the purpose of this assignment select a program of study at Wor-Wic. Your Academic Plan 1. Why did you choose Wor-Wic Community College to further your academic studies? I chose Wor-Wic because I am seeking an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology. I toured the Radiology department and I was impressed that they had all of the equipment I would be utilizing for this occupation. In addition, the Radiology Department has worked out student internships with several area hospitals for real life application of this occupation. Further, Wor-Wic allows me to enter college early as a dually enrolled student. In addition, I am currently a junior at James M. Bennett Senior High School. 2. How will these classes be beneficial to your career? The required classes for this degree will equip me with all of the knowledge and skills required to enter this occupation. The radiology classes are essential to teach me about the equipment I will be using and how to safely operate these devices. The anatomy and physiology classes will teach me everything about the human skeletal system, and other bodily structures/functions. The clinical/internship classes will help me gain valuable on the job experience, and hopefully help me obtain a job. 3. Which academic degree/certificate are you pursuing and why? I have always been interested in the medical field and/or career area. I am very good with science and technology so I feel that the Associates of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic

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