Accountability in the Health Care Industry

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Accountability in the Health Care Industry Accountability in the health care industry is crucial for health care organizations and patients because it gives the patient and organization peace of mind that the health care provider or other caregiver will put forth their best effort because of their own accountability towards what procedure or situation that they are in. More and more physicians and other health care providers are being held accountable for their hand in consultations, procedures and other situations that directly and indirectly affect a health care organization or patient being treated. Holding employees accountable for their choices in practice is crucial not only for a health care organizations but for patients. Patients feel more comfortable being operated on or getting consultations from physicians who accept being held accountable or physicians that take responsibility for their actions. As an employee for a health care organization, employees will know at the start of their employment rules, standards, morals and ethics that the health care organization has set to follow and it is their responsibility to follow and adhere to the company vision and rules. Not doing so will result in them being held accountable for not following the company’s policy. Ways that physicians and other health care professionals are being held accountable is by time clucking’s, meetings, continuous education, logging medication and initialing by medicine taken out or by notes or prescriptions written. Other methods of tracking employees to hold them accountable for their actions are security cameras, and bar code scanning. Security cameras will show a situation that may need discipline. Also it helps with the safety of employees with patient daily handling or patient narcotics that might need to be moved or transferred. Bar code scanning is another
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