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Purpose of Accountability Our world is changing. But that is nothing new. For thousands of years wars have been fought across the earth and we as a people have had to adapt to overcome the hardships that follow war. The war of yesterday is not the same war we are fighting today. And (50) the war of tomorrow will be much different than what we are used to today. To succeed in today’s war, rules, laws, and SOP’s shape how we conduct ourselves on the battlefield. Many things have changed since yesterday, today we fight with smart weapons, weapons that can think for themselves(100), planes that no longer require pilots, hand held rifles that can indicate pupil dilation. These are just a few examples of how we have changed. But some things have been kept around as a standard that has aided many others in succeeding in todays wars. A few examples that aid(150) in mission success are: proper planning, ensuring mission readiness and Accountability. Although to some it may seem small and insignificant, in the end it can play a huge roll on a missions outcome. It can relate to OPPSEC in a way: Unclassified items may be completely harmless by it’s self(200), but if enough unclassified items are brought together, it can form a classified item. Accountability can be broken further down into specific categories that can aid in the success of the mission. Accountability of gear and accountability of personnel. Accountability of personnel is the most important for of accountability. There(250) are items of high risk value that we have deemed classified but can be pretty easily replaced. But Loss of personnel, well there’s no coming back once you’re dead. Here’s just one example: there was a division preparing for combat tour to Afghanistan. They were training in 29 Palms California(300) with Mojave Viper. On one particular mission, there was some miss-communication. One

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