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Pfc Milton,Ambria Sgt Robinson Accountability 2015July14 The Importance Of Accountability What is accountability? Accountability is an obligation, and or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for ones actions. There are three areas I which you must hold yourself accountable: Your actions and choices, your responsibilities, and your goals. All three areas are important to advance your life personally and professionally. Think about it. Why should it be someone else's job to make sure you are doing the things that you should to be doing, especially in your work place? Why is accountability important in the work place? Accountability in the workplace is important because those in charge have needs, that must be met ,patrons have expectations for the quality of service. If you cant be accountable how can someone trust you? How can you show that you can get the job done. Lets look at the first area. The fist area is holding yourself accountable in your actions and choices. Your actions and the choices you make will always come with positive or negative consequences. It is important to understand this, and understand that this specific area will directly effect both your personal, and business life. The way in which you communicate with others is one example of this area. When communicating with others, you have to realize not everyone responds in the same way. The way you tell someone to do something, may be ok to one person, but it could be offensive, or threatening to another. When you offend that person, it is then when you have to be the bigger person and fix things. If not, the work place will not be very comfortable to work in for the both of you and it could effect the people around you, too. Another example in this area would be how you spend your time. Time management is very important in all aspects of life. If you do not have positive in

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