Accountability Essay

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Accountability has a significant role in today’s workplace. It is no different when it comes to the health care environment. The definition of accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility; to account for ones actions. The meaning of accountability is vigorous and possibly could be used lightly in the work environment. However in the health care industry it is rapidly growing and evolving every day. With this in mind health care professionals make difficult decisions on the daily, and accept the responsibility of those decisions. It is prevalent that accountability plays a major role in health care. Health care today is constantly growing. There are numerous medical facilities that provide medical services. A health care facility is also a business and requires customers (patients) to use them in order to stay in business. With so many options today these organizations are constantly striving to improve themselves. This is a combination of quality and services offered to stay competitive. While organizations are creating improvement systems it is just as important to instill accountability in order to achieve quality initiatives. One reason for this is that in a health care environment there are several processes and procedures that are required. If one step is skipped it can lead to serious consequences. This is an ownership of their decision making. It is known that in health care there are also lives that are at stake. Therefore this industry has several factors including legal and ethical principles. In the medical setting there are several types of medical professionals. They consist of administrative staff that has little or no direct interaction with patients. There is also medical staff that is not nurses but have interaction with patients and, of course nurses and physicians. One of the things that all of these individuals have

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