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Accountability School counseling has undergone a transformation from a program of entitlement to one of performance and continuous improvement. What is working with and for students? School counselors now focus on improved student results that measure the impact of goals and objectives. The essential question becomes” How has student academic achievement improved as a result of what counselors do”? School counselors must use data to assess student needs, establish measurable goals, and measure the results of guidance and counseling activities. This helps to ensure accountability. Data is collected, disaggregated and analyzed to determine areas of student strength and areas in need of improvement. Gathering and analyzing school data identifies the trends and concerns that establish a proactive school counseling program. Among possible data sources for counselor use are: * Standardized test data * Grade point average * High school graduation rate * Retentions * Enrollment in Honors, AP, college Level Courses * Remedial courses taken * Free/Reduced Lunch students * Gender * Ethnicity * Socio-Economic status * Participation in support services * Attendance * Discipline referrals * English as a Second language * Mobility * Family Status * Other Accountability helps administrators, teachers, and others understand how the work of school counselors contributes to the goals of the campus improvement plan. Counselors must document that they are powerful contributors to the school—that they are connected to school improvement. While still valuable, time on task data, needs assessments, and reports of totals for the different types of activities, are no longer sufficient alone. In today’s schools all Counselors must show that the school counseling program impact student success. Counselors must

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