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Accountability Lisa S. Minch HCS/475 July 16, 2012 Eleanor Milo Accountability Everybody is accountable for their own actions. Every organization is accountable for their actions. Even though an organization is made up of people, those people are what makes an organization successful, therefore, those particular people are held accountable for what goes on in an organization. So, therefore, just what exactly is the meaning of accountability? Accountability is the acknowledgement and assumption of responsibility for actions within the scope of a role or position, encompassing the obligation to report, and be answerable for resulting consequences. "Accountability is the key to achieving results and helping identify the opportunities in an organization. Holding employees accountable helps them to know the satisfaction of achieving a goal and performing to a standard" (Anderson, 2012). Accountability has become a major concern in the health care industry. Along with its country and the envy of the rest of the world, health care is now struggling. Costs are spiraling out of control, standards of quality are not being met, and the response of the system has been inadequate. "The concept of accountability contains three essential components: 1) the loci of accountability - health care consists of at least 11 different parties that can be held accountable or hold other accountable; 2) the domains of accountability - in health care, parties can be held accountable for as many as six activities; professional competence, legal and ethical conduct, financial performance, adequacy of access, public health promotion, and community benefit; and 3) the procedures of accountability, including formal and informal procedures for evaluating compliance with domains and for disseminating the evaluation and responses by the accountable parties" (Emanuel, 1996). A

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