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Accountability Essay

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Below is an essay on "Accountability" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


Be advised that this is not a computer software course. I do not present myself as an expert on computer software nor do I offer myself as a mentor in the area of computer use. The process described below is common to the preparation of nearly all documents created in the computer environment. Learning these basic procedures early in your academic pursuits is essential to success across the broad spectrum of courses you will encounter in your course work.

Follow the instructions below if you desire credit for your efforts.

Save each summary document in Rich Text Format (.rtf) when created. Rich Text Format is an option available to everyone in the “File” > “Save As” > “Save as type” location.

Open a “New Blank Document”; type your name in the top left corner following the example provided in the SUMMARY FORMAT EXAMPLES document and proceed to the next step.

Selecting the required document format:

From “Tool Bar” menu select:

1. “File” > “Save As” > “Save as type”

2. Select “Rich Text Format” >

3. Select “Save”

Selecting the required font:

From “Tool Bar” menu select “Ariel” > select “10” or “12”; your choice, very simple.

FYI: The font and size used in this document is Ariel 10 pt.

Setting the required margins:

From “Tool Bar” menu select:

1. “File” > “Page setup” > “Margins” tab

2. Verify Top: 1” Bottom: 1”

    Left: 1.25” Right: 1.25”

3. Select “OK”

Setting the required alignment and spacing:

From “Tool Bar” menu select “Format”:

1. “Paragraph” > “Indents and Spacing” >

2. “General” > “Alignment” > “left”

Note: Do Not use...

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