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TABLE OF CONTENTS The Evolution of Accountant Chartered Accountants are origin at Scotland. Edinburg was long associated with the profession of law, so accountant often be designated by the designation of Writer. The leading Solicitor Society in Scotland, some members of the Society of Writers to the Signet is practiced as accountants. Furthermore, a lot of accountant’s work was done in the offices of solicitors until recent times. The early designation of accountant was confounded with the trader in some extent in Edinburgh and also greater extent in Glasgow. Accountants in nowadays are more mobile and their careers often cross traditional borders, the finance function of both inside and outside; and also they exceed national borders frequently. This increased career mobility is facilitated by the developing global requirement for the services of finance professionals. According to ACCA’ research report, their report represents that as accountant roles and skills are developing, there is a perceived difference between the skills that organizations need and those employees and external candidates actually possess. The most noticeable issue is in relation to management skills as well as lack of professional accountants. The specializations need of professional accountants is on the rise. Forensic accountants’ requirement, for example, high-profile financial scandals’ fallout such as Enron and Lehman Brothers has expanded. These accountants concentrate on civil and criminal law’s disputes or litigation and often investigate computer fraud, corporate and securities fraud as well as insurance and personal injury claim. Forensic accountants have been added into roster of the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) as permanent position. In addition, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) research show that a forensic accountant must be provided with

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