According To Howard Zinn, The Root Of Racism In America

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1. According to Zinn, the root of racism in America is slavery. It created a line of separation between whites, who were superior, and blacks, who were inferior, for nearly 300 years. This started in 1619, when many whites brought African blacks over on a mysterious ship as slaves. 2. Africans were considered “better” slaves than Indians because Indians outnumbered the whites and had many skills and resources to retaliate the whites if they tried to enslave them. They were difficult in cooperating for enslavement where as Africans obeyed their owner(s) on command. Some Africans would drown themselves if that’s what their master(s) would tell them to do right away. 3. Politically, 16th century Africa compared to 16th century Europe…show more content…
Conditions on America-bound slave ships were a disgrace. Slaves were chained to the floors in spaces no bigger than a coffin. They laid in their own excrement not being able to move. Many times the sailors came to find the slaves in suffocation, dead, and trying to kill others for a desperate breath. One of three blacks died overseas. Some even jumped overboard to drown instead. It resembled a slaughterhouse. 6. The Catholic Church never considered the trade to be illicit or immoral. They bought the slaves for their service without any hesitation. When Father Sandoval wrote asking if the capture, transport, and enslavement of blacks was legal by church doctrine. Brother Luis Brandaon sent back stating that according to the Board of Conscience in Lisbon, that it was not wrong. 7. In terms of mortality, the cost of slavery went from losing your family, home, life, friends, and farms. Slaves lost so much when they were forced into slavery, because they couldn’t do anything but obey. Most importantly they lost their freedom. Around 50 million, in terms of mortality. 8. Slavery in relation to the plantation system, grew as the plantation system grew. The number of whites, although, was not enough to meet the need of plantations. In 1700, one-twelfth of the population (6,000 slaves) lived in Virginia. Three years later it grew to 170,000 slaves. About half the population lived in

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