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Accomplishments Essay

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My greatest commitment throughout my life is soccer. The passion that I have for this sport has carried me to be a dedicated, hard working individual. Since my team was new, being in the top divisions and teams of North Texas was the ultimate goal for us. We wanted to prove to ourselves and everyone else we had just as much talent as the ranked teams. The hours of practicing over summer and having two-a-days in the Texas heat was worth the success my team accomplished. We won first place two years in a row and continued on to the next division each year. Before we knew it we got ranked 11th in North Texas. Because of soccer I know how much hard work, determination, motivation, and dedication it takes to feel success and accomplishment.

Ever since I was a little girl, visiting the country Ecuador was always an amazing, extraordinary experience. However, what I would see every day on the streets changed my perspective on life and of the world. Ecuador, being a third world country, there are many homeless people on the streets begging for money and many kids strolling around without any shoes.   Even though I was young I was able to see the hopes to surviving another night in people’s eyes. Walking down through the city I was able to tell the major gap between the poor class and rich class. This major gap led to such high violence and crime rates. Because of these high rates there was never a day living without fear. I remember having a door at the entrance of the bedrooms and having to lock it just in case someone was to break into my grandmother’s house. Education in Ecuador is not free. So the poor remain poor and kids do not get an opportunity to better themselves.   Now since Ecuador’s currency is the U.S. dollar, surrounding countries are moving in and taking over jobs allowing fewer jobs for Ecuadorians. Seeing the poverty in Ecuador and being able to compare it to the United States is important me. I was able to see and understand the major changes...

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