Accommodating Workforce Diversity Is a Necessity

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Accommodating Workforce Diversity is a Necessity Name Professional Development, MBA 525 Professor Cain December 1, 2013 Accommodating Workforce Diversity is a Necessity Introduction In today’s workforce diversity is a necessity. Diversity is the concept of bringing people together who are different in color, race, age, religion, and ethnic backgrounds. In today’s world, diversity makes you and your team unique (Pace, 2006). Not only is it important to embrace diversity in the workplace; organizations need to embrace diversity as a business strategy to gain a competitive advantage in this global environment we now live in and our businesses operate in. Valuing diversity, especially in support of an organization’s mission and strategy, need not be limited to the categories protected by law (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2011). However, accommodating a diverse workforce in today’s society is prevalent in order to sustain a competitive advantage. Discussion Adapting to people who are different is one of the biggest challenges organization are face with today. To adapt means to change to fit something (Pace, 2006). A flexible person is one who can change to suit new circumstances (Pace, 2006). In order to have a diverse workforce; managers must be trained to accept and adapt to this change. Diversity can be a challenge to some managers. Managers may not be so willing to adapt to having a diverse workforce, and they may not be so accepting. Because of these challenges, organizations must prepare managers to recognize and handle culture differences (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2011). The bottom line is training managers on the concept and the importance of diversity. Many organizations are viewing diversity as a common business practice. Today many organizations are aligning diversity with business goals. Aligning your organization's
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