Accommodating Workforce Diversity

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The world as we know it is composed of over 7 billion people with a multitude of cultures. A person’s culture is one of the many forms of diversity in the world. Diversity is “the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). Diversity surrounds everyone in multiple aspects of life including the workplace. Diversity within a company can have a positive or negative impact depending on how it is handled among its employees. A diverse workforce can be beneficial for individuals within the company as well as the people that are impacted by the organization. Years ago I worked in a department store that carried a variety of clothing and shoes for a diverse group of people such as children, junior girls, misses, plus size, and petite for women, as well as men apparel. Diversity was not only displayed in the merchandise that we sold, but in the staff, as well. The staff consisted of individuals that were different in many ways such as age, race, gender, height, fashion sense and even product knowledge. Usually all employees worked in their assigned area unless there was a need for them to assist in another department. A diverse staff with their own set of personal skills serves as a great asset to customers. All employees had some knowledge of each department within the store. The individuals that possessed a deepened knowledge of the items within their assigned area were able to assist the customers best. Having one of our elderly male employees work in the junior girls department may be a mix match for the worker as well as the customer. Having a female employee on staff whose personal style in attire, knowledge in current trending styles, and true fit knowledge of clothing in the junior department would serve as a valuable asset to customers. Even if the situation were switched around, the knowledgeable employee in

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