Accommodating Differences Essay

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Accommodating Differences There are many different groups of people who influence children and make them thrive to do better in this world. In the classroom there could be many different groups to influence children. In this paper, I will write about three different groups that might be influences. Parents Parents can contribute to a classroom in many ways. One way would be to come and volunteer in the classroom. The parent may help in tutoring the children, helping the teacher do many things, and even assist while the children are doing computer work in the class. Parents can be active role models in children’s lives and make them want to strive to be grown up. Children usually want to grow up to be just like someone in their lives. If you ask most little kids what they want to be when they grow up, they will more than likely state the want to be just like their mother or father and do what they do for a career. Special Needs If a teacher wants to make a huge impact on their students, they need to bring in some students who have a handicap but still can do all things other children do, just in a different manner. A teacher can have the person with a handicap to come in and help out in the classroom. Those people with a handicap usually think nothing of their handicap and do not let it stop them from doing what needs to be done. Not only are they helping the teacher, but they may be helping the student realize how lucky they are to not have a handicap. This would show the students that nothing should stop them from being successful in life. Policeman A teacher could have a local member of the Police force to come in and talk to the children about safety and how a person should behave. It would also be good for the teacher to have the police to explain what happens when you do bad things in life. The choices one makes when they are older can
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