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Running head: ACCOMMODATING DIFFERENCES Accommodating Differences Grand Canyon University Educational Psychology EDU 313N July 31, 2011 Accommodating Differences There are many different individuals that contribute to the classroom. The three groups of students that I am focusing on are the English Language Learners (ELL)/ students with culture and ethnic differences, gender differences between boys and girls, and students with special education needs. I will provide common characteristics of each group, some of the challenges that an educator may have to overcome within the classroom, and the learning opportunities and the accommodations that an educator can use to assist the students to be successful in the classroom. English Language Learners (ELL)/ students with cultural and ethnical differences have similar characteristics such as has a first language other than English at home, are in the process of learning English, race, similar religious backgrounds, and nationalities. Some of the challenges that an educator may have to overcome in the classroom are language barrier, issues such as personal space, the way in which a student shows respect and emotions (Ormrod, 2011). There are many different types of learning opportunities that can be offered within the classroom for these students such as using cooperative learning groups so that students can work together and focus on group achievement rather than focusing on individual achievements (Ormrod, 2011). Another opportunity for learning is to allow students to use their local dialect, native language, and standard English when it is in the appropriate setting like in the classroom, playground, and in the lunchroom. Some of the ways in which an educator can accommodate the individual needs of the students are by providing them with wait time to allow the students to show respect and/or

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