Accident Reconstruction Essay

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Accident Reconstruction CJE2602 Accident Reconstruction Accidents happen as they are a part of life. The job that comes to a crime scene investigator would be to reconstruct the events that happened so that they make sense. The crime or accident needs to be reconstructed in a timely and chronological manner that is easy to understand and visualize. Making sure to include photographs of the scene and how it is believed to have happened will help show visualization of the situation. It can also help to determine if there are some form of efforts to be taken in that area to help prevent future accidents from occurring. Accidents are inevitable. Sometimes people have the accident occur so quickly that they are not sure exactly what happened or how. Therefore, being able to reconstruct the accident can alleviate the blame of whose fault it was. The speed, positions at different times during the accident, and angles are being covered to reconstruct the accident. The law of physics applies to all accidents. If it is decided that you are the one person at fault in an accident and you know that you are not, accident investigations can help find the right evidence to prove you are not liable for the accident. If a single-person accident occurs, it could leave you in complete grief, not knowing what may have happened (Lakeside Investigations). It can be used to get evidence that can stand up in court. If you're trying to collect claims for an accident or need to prove that you did not cause an accident through negligence or other fault. If there is a death involved, accident reconstruction can help you to find out what happened in the last hours of the victim’s life. During reconstruction, photographs and solid evidences are used. Times, scenario, events and anything else relevant to the case will help with reconstruction. If another vehicle was
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