Accessing Internet Essay

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Accessing the internet The Internet has been referred to as the Electronic Super-Highway or a network of computer networks. A computer network consists of two or more computers linked together to share data, software, and hardware devices. The Internet is a world-wide network of interconnected computer networks in constant communication. Each host site has a unique address or domain name. Internet Service Providers offer a variety of dial-up or modem accounts through which their customers can get access to Internet services. Some of the most popular services offered are electronic mail (e-mail), interactive discussion groups, Internet-wide data searches, and the ability to connect to other hosts. An account with an Internet provider allows you to connect, by means of a phone line, to the service provider's computer system. You are able to use the provider's equipment to access other computers on the Internet. Internet Tools and Services E-mail E-mail is the most basic of Internet services. It allows anyone with an account on an Internet host or a commercial service to send and receive messages or computer files. Each user has a unique address. Regardless of which type of account you have or who is providing it, an Internet e-mail address has the following format: The user_id is assigned to you by the service provider. This consists of a series of letters and/or numbers selected by you or the provider. User IDs are often combinations of your initials or portions of your name. The "at sign" immediately follows the user ID and separates it from the domain name. The domain name consists of a series of letters and numbers separated by periods. Newsgroups Newsgroups provide a public forum where users can read and respond to messages posted by other users on a specific topic. By typing the name of the newsgroup, selecting it from a menu or
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