Acceptance In A World Of Difference Essay

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In May of 2007, I experienced my first revelation about being deaf, and how both the hearing and deaf world perceived and accepted me. For years I walked balanced on a very thin line in between both societies. The deaf did not accept me into their world because I could hear and speak. In the hearing world I was treated as a pariah because my life has been greatly influenced by the deaf culture, and I use sign language fluently as my second language. Being a person who has the ability to find a middle line in between the chaos of both worlds, I became familiar with suspicion, ignorance, and anger. Each of these emotions crossed on every new person's face that I met. Once I explained just how different I was from them, their understanding never really registered on their faces. No matter if they could hear or not, it's an odd thing to be introduced to a person who is profoundly deaf and can hear. I tried to understand their confusion and rejection, even when it affected me deeply in a personal way. Some showed a suprised reaction, and others showed a reaction that was downright insulting. I've encountered people who have though me to be inferior mentally simply because they knew nothing about deafness. I've encountered people who have shocked me with their interest, curiousity, and willingness to learn about myself and the world I live in. Along the string of people I've met in the 18 years of my life, not one made more of an impact than that one day in May of 2007, when I met a group of people who had no concept of barriers or pre-conceived notions about deaf people who chose a hearing path in their lives. May proved to be the turning point in my life. I began preparing myself to give a speech to the Optimist Club about my greatest challenge. The speech was centered around the hardships of being different with a hearing disability. I spent hours upon hours

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