Acceptable Use Policy.

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Acceptable Use Policy is (UAP) is a written document based on agreement between or among the users of computer in a community for a common good. They also have to promise that they will not violate those rules. This document stipulates on the use including the malpractices or unacceptable uses and the consequences for non-compliance. UAP is mostly used when one is registering intranet. The users may include internet providers for example in a university, school, business or corporations. Web owners therefore use this policy to restrict the use of their network. The owners are the website providers, network managers or large computer systems. Owners have the authority to change the policies regarding the use of the internet or intranet. Acceptable Use Policy covers the provisions for network etiquette,the limitation to the users of network and a clear and precise extents of privacy of members. Acceptable User Policies contains examples that show the importance of the policy in real-world situations. AUP is commonly known to organizations that offer network services for example schools or companies. The policy is mainly used in protection of young people that are majorly vunerable to inappropriate language usage, pornography and pornographic content, and other adult contents. Under large bussiness corporations, the scope expands to include other factors such as safe-guarding business legal and transactional interests. The integral part of AUP is the cde of conduct the the users need to display when using the internet or internet. Code of conduct stipulates that the users have to what extent to use the network, the language that uses when they are online especially on social sites and avoid illegal activities that the organisations doesn’t allow. The company or the organisation offering internet have the consequences on the violation of AUP. This may include
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