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Accents Essay

  • Submitted by: silvanafrancesca
  • on October 3, 2012
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An accent is how a certain area sounds like when they speak and also due to what area you are from your dialect can be different. Dialect is the choice of words you speak, for example, in Poole they would say “I would merk ya” whereas in Barnsley the majority would say “I'd bray yaa” both sayings mean “I would beat you up” but both regions are less likely to use each other’s dialect.  Idiolect is a unique language used by an individual person. A part of idiolect is sociolect, which is when you change the way you speak depending what group you are around. To give examples of different types of speech, I am going to use Stephen fry, Lauren cooper and Millen Eve, throughout this essay.
My idiolect is part of a northern accent, which is part of Barnsley, it sounds out the vowels for longer than usual, for example, and Barnsley would be pronounced baarrnsley. The soiolect included in my idiolect, is different depending on if I’m around my family, friends or teachers. I would speak and mostly sound different within each group, for instance; when I am around family, I use less slang words and not swear as I would when I am around my friends, my accent isn't as broad as I am not trying to 'fit in' even though I'm  doing it  subconsciously. When I am around my teachers my English is more standard than usual because they use Standard English, mainly. With my friends I pronounce my words more slang like, for example whateva, would be whatever, and dunno, would be I don’t know. Most of the time I use fillers to fill in gaps in my sentences like ‘erm….’ and ‘well….'.Also, adults get on at us for not speaking Standard English or R.P (Received Pronunciation), this is called social attitudes as they want us to speak ‘properly’. Hearing a different accent from your own doesn’t sound normal to you, but you can’t really say that there is a normal accent because all accents are different and it’s a matter of personal opinion which ones you prefer or not.
Lauren cooper speaks...

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