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Acceleration Relationships By: Dawson Berry In the novel Acceleration the main character Duncan finds a diary written by a killer. Duncan decides to find the writer of the diary which leads him on a number of adventures. These adventures have a positive effect on Duncan as well as his relationships with people. One relationship that improves as a result of his adventures is between Duncan and Kim, his ex-girlfriend. The two of them never seemed to get along because Duncan was always over protective. This relationship changes as he gains courage and self-confidence from his adventures. Another relationship that changes for the better is with his friend Wayne. Duncan allows Wayne to join in the group friendship of Vinny and…show more content…
Jacob is a cranky man. When Duncan arrives at work, Jacob’s only words are “get to work”, instead of saying hello or good morning. Jacob is not the kind of guy that listens to what others have to say, instead he is the kind of person who turns up his radio when you are trying to talk to your friend on the phone. ” Jacob edges the volume up some more” (pg 114) Duncan and Jacob have not been very happy with each other down in the Subway Lost and Found but after Duncan comes back from the hospital, supposedly from a bad mugging, Jacob actually talks to him and is nicer to him. It is almost as if he knew what really happened. In the novel Acceleration, Duncan’s relationships improve through out the story. Because he finds the diary finding the diary, and becomes involved in what is written he decides to take a great adventure to find the killer. He finds the determination and desire to accomplish the task. Duncan grows as a person as a result of his experience that never would have happened if he had not discovered the diary in the Lost and Found Department. The diary brought out the adventurous side of his character and through his experiences it changed him for the

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