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Name: Harriette C. Estidola Position: Secretary Committee: Socials Committee (Member) I completed my one-year term as the Secretary of the Junior Student Council for the school year 2011-2012. During this term, I recorded the minutes of the meetings held, including some conferences wherein the council is involved. In addition, I also kept records of the organization’s activities and noted down the proposed activities as well. I served as a member of the Socials Committee in which we are responsible for having social events while promoting a sense of community participation and intercommunication. We acquired the feedback from the whole department which determined the success of our efforts and kept us informed of what students would be interested in. All social events allowed social interaction with peers, faculty, and staff to establish more awareness of the JSC efforts. Regarding the Acquaintance party, I took part in sharing ideas, suggestions, and making decisions in planning the said event. Likewise, on our preparation for this, I was assigned at the Registration Committee wherein I worked in together with the Guidance Center in ensuring the complete attendance of the high school department during the event, and prepared the things needed for the oath-taking ceremony as well. I also did help the other committees with their preparations; making invitations, crafting decorations, and setting up the stage. During the University Week celebration, I, together with the other officers, assisted in maintaining the contingency and security of the entire parade, specifically the Basic Education Department’s line. We also managed in keeping the whole department intact to support our participants throughout the celebration. The council developed a new way of celebrating it and described it as ‘Go Green Week’ in celebrating the Social Awareness Days. I helped
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