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Recommendation Brief for an Internal Accountant ACC/544 February 22, 2013 Fred Johnston Internal Auditor Recommendation Brief When a company like Whitfields has an out-of-control system they are subject to audits by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding their financial statements. The company can form a hiring team. The hiring team can consist of three or more internal auditors. An internal auditor will add value and help improve the company’s operations. Some of the duties would be Evaluate controls, advising managers, evaluating risk, analyze operations, confirming information, and reviewing compliance with the SEC. His or her focus should be the entire company, departments, functions, and operations. With an internal auditor Whitfields internal controls should have improvement. A justification of the benefits of using an internal auditor and a recommendation of an internal auditor that meets the company’s standards will be given.…show more content…
Internal auditors guarantee that the internal controls are sufficient and calculate the company’s financial and information systems for accurateness. A series of audits such as financial statements, fraud, compliance, and operational can be made with the hiring of an internal auditor. The most beneficial audit for Whitfields Company would be an operational audit. Operational Audits can be done if upper-level management thinks that there is a need for operational improvements. It is a review of management and how operating procedures work. How effective and efficient the procedures are for the company. Although operational audits reveal possible problems in the financials statements, a compliance audit and fraud audit will help Whitfields internal

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