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Running Head: GENERAL ELECTRIC ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHY General Electric Organizational Philosophy VPJR COMM 530 Week 1 Assignment University of Phoenix Introduction General Electric has over 305,000 employees world-wide and has seven industrial segments to platform its innovation and services. As a multi-billion dollar company, its philosophy is set to great expectations as a leading innovator for the world. Organizational behavior and philosophy are key factors to ensure culture, communication and conflicts are adhered to when conducting business. In this paper, I will; 1. Describe the culture of General Electric, 2. Describe the role communication plays in perception and organizational culture. 3. Identify the role of conflict in group communication. Culture of General Electric General Electric’s organizational culture is of Risk, “At G.E., our approach to risk is integrated into our talent management process: we evaluate employees not only on their accomplishments, but on their ability to reflect the company's guiding principles” (NYT, 2012). About General Electric (GE) – Website content Building “GE is building the world by providing capital, expertise and infrastructure for a global economy. GE Capital has provided billions in financing so businesses can build and grow their operations and consumers can build their financial futures. We build appliances, lighting, power systems and other products that help millions of homes, offices, factories and retail facilities around the world work better” (General Electric, 2014). Curing “GE is constantly working to make the world a healthier place by supplying the healthcare technology that saves nearly 3,000 lives every day. Our focus is on helping medical professionals make an earlier, more accurate diagnosis of disease and then better equipping them to treat it. We’re also

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